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EduBwiza stands for Education for Bwiza children. It is a project providing incentives to encourage young children from poor families in Bwiza to attend schools. The project helps needy children from poor families enroll into state educational institutions. These children belong to a community of potters, who subsist in poor living conditions with limited income. This background has hindered many children in the community from attending school.

Education at state schools in Rwanda is free of fees, but pupils from poorer families still find it difficult to cover additional costs, such as scholastic materials and uniforms. EduBwiza works in close collaboration with the school, community, political, and administrative leaders to address these needs, and to follow up the progress of the project.

EduBwiza provides:

  • Parents contribution fees.
  • Pens, books, school bags.
  • Shoes, uniforms.
  • Extra clothing while at home.
  • Health insurance.

For students who are in secondary school an additional list includes:
  • Mattress.
  • Bedding.
  • Hygienic supplies.
  • Emergency funds.
  • Transportation fees

EduBwiza is currently supporting 36 children in primary school, 3 in secondary (boarding) school,  and 1 in vocational school. These numbers are set to grow as more students enroll into primary school, and others graduate into secondary schools.


  • School attendance rates have gradually increased for the children we support.
  • Parents are getting actively involved in their children's educational matters.
  • Our children are studying hard and showing the intent to improve their exam scores every trimester.
  • The drop-out rate of the supported children has been very low. When it has occurred, the main cause is the relocation of their families to a geographical region where we do not have interventions.

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